Game Complaint Department’s Game of the Year 2018

It was when we hit December of this year that I had an alarming realization; I really didn’t play that many games released in 2018. That’s not to say I didn’t get the odd new release, but most of them seemed to be ports and remakes. Otherwise, I was playing retro games. So, we’re doing this Game of the Year announcement out of obligation, and really, it’s more of an apology.

I don’t think 2018 was the year for me. Most of the big releases, I skipped out on because I they’re sequels to games that left me feeling cold. Some others, I just didn’t finish for one reason or another. I wish My Summer Car had released this year, because at least I’d have something really interesting to talk about, but because it didn’t I had to fall back on another game:


Video games have been kinder to Spider-man than most super-heroes, but that’s not saying much. Most of his games have still been only slightly above mediocre. Even the seminal Spider-man 2 has aged like a dumpster behind an abandoned Taco Bell. However, it was still an exciting prospect when Insomniac was able to get behind the license, and they certainly delivered.

Spider-man does whatever a spider can. It’s a faithful but unique take on the hero, and it does the license better justice than any other game has before. It’s easily one of the best super-hero games ever developed, featuring tight controls, fun combat, and an entertaining storyline. It’s not the most creative game, mostly combining features that have been explored in games that have come before, but it’s constantly entertaining, full of surprises, and absolutely respectful to the hero it represents.


See? This is my problem. We can only award games that have been reviewed on this site, and what other 2018 games were featured? Celeste and The Messenger were games I had hoped would fill this void, but they both left me feeling cold. Warioware Gold was, on the other hand, very enjoyable, but it doesn’t really feel like Game of the Year material, so whatever.

I’m sorry, I’ll try to play more current games next year. To make up for the lack of a runner up, here’s a new category:


So, out of all the games I reviewed this year, which one sticks in my mind the most? That would be Undertale. Now, you may be thinking, “But you reviewed Mega Man X this year, and you gave that a higher score, shouldn’t that be here?” That’s a good point, but no. Mega Man X is definitely a classic, but Undertale hit me right in the heart.

Featuring a combat system in which you can simply talk your way out of battles, and a formula that lets you make friends out of former adversaries, Undertale targets my guilt problems with stunning efficacy. It’s a heartwarming game that offers a convincing alternative to the traditionally violence driven games of today. If you haven’t had the opportunity to play it yet, it’s never too late to go back and bask in its warmth.


Okay, so it’s not that this was a bad year in gaming, it just wasn’t the year for me. I didn’t play God of War, because I didn’t enjoy God of War, and I didn’t play Red Dead Redemption 2, because I’ve found recent Rock Star games to be bloated and underwhelming. I did play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but I’ve played every entry in the series, and this one is just that plus more. Also, there’s the world of light mode, which I’ve been plucking away at, but haven’t finished, so I can’t really review it.

So, anyway, I’m sorry I didn’t play more high profile releases last year. I’ll try to do better this one. But I’m telling you, if My Summer Car leaves early access, that’s probably getting the top spot here. Just a warning.

Picks are based only on what the staff played this year, and we can’t play everything. There has been no contact between staff and publishers.

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