Happy 2 Year Anniversary!

Can you believe another year has passed since we started this blog? I can! It feels like longer. This blog has aged me terribly. It was started on July 19, 2017, making it the second year anniversary. Hooray!

This marks the 151st post on the site, which is 96 new posts since last year. For most of the year, I was putting up at least two posts a week, but I had to stop that due to a combination of my day job, my writing for Destructoid and Mega Cat Studios, and the fact that I’ve recently been unable to stick with any game for very long. I’ve still got reviews planned, so I may be

Once again, before we look forward to the next year, let’s look at some stats.


I played fewer horrible games this year, thankfully. Although I did play the entire Mega Man X series, and wow, that was a waterslide.

  • 14 Negative Reviews (4/10 and below)
  • 12 Neutral Reviews (5/10)
  • 64 Positive Reviews (6/10 and above)

Okay, so this year skewed way further towards the positive side, but before you accuse me of going soft, let me say this in my defense: I was doing two reviews a week for several months. When you put yourself under that workload, it’s way easier to play games you already know you like than it is to constantly play games you’ll probably hate.

  • 3 Army Men Review

What can I say? I already blew through most of the series and can now only pick through the leftovers. There are still more in the pipe, though.

As it turns out, no one comes here to hear me talk about old cartoons. This one actually got the most views out of the Saturday Morning Scrutiny series, but it’s also the one I worked hardest on because, well, it was all fictional. April Fools! There was no second season of Zelda. Haha, get it? Well, I thought it was clever.

So how’s readership? It’s picked up! I think. That or there are a lot more bots floating around. Either way, I’m happy to see those graphs tick upwards.


So what do we have to look forward to this year? You’ve got me. I’m a bigtime professional writer now, serving up hot articles on Destructoid. They don’t want everything I write, though, so I’ll still be here, reviewing games like I always do.

I’d like to get back on a writing schedule at some point, but I don’t know what that will look like. Between my day job, helping run a game store, and writing for two professional blogs, I don’t have as much spare time to play games and write about them like I did last year. So I probably won’t be returning to the pace of two articles every week, but you never know.

Regardless of how often you can expect something new, the Game Complaint Department will keep on trucking into the future. Probably with some more Army Men reviews, because I’m just going to keep on digging until I get to the bottom of that dumpster.

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