Video Game Review

Review – Undertale

I purchased Undertale shortly after its initial release way back in 2015, but I never finished it. This is because my initial experience was interrupted when I ended up enduring a period of emotional unrest […]

Video Game Review

Review – Chex Quest

My mother had tight control over the cereal I ate when I was a child. I never got to have Fruity Pebbles or Trix, which I always enjoyed when visiting a friend or relative, but […]

Video Game Review

Review – Super 3-D Noah’s Ark

On the ashes of Atari, Nintendo forged an empire in the late 80’s through a mix of good games and evil business practices. Nintendo of America’s early days were marked with anti-competitive practices that broke […]

Video Game Review

Review – Coffee Crisis

The beat-’em-up genre is one of the simplest formulas in gaming. During the early 90’s, following the release of Final Fight in the arcades, the genre exploded and found itself host to all manner of […]

Video Games

Review – Maniac Mansion

Whenever I explore a new facet of video games, I have a tendency to go in hard. If there’s some revered series or sub-genre that I’ve yet to touch, I’ll dive right in from the […]