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Review – Celeste

It dawned on me recently that a lot of the games I played this year didn’t actually come out in 2018. I mean, you can look back through the blog and get a good account […]

Video Game Review

Review – Undertale

I purchased Undertale shortly after its initial release way back in 2015, but I never finished it. This is because my initial experience was interrupted when I ended up enduring a period of emotional unrest […]

Video Game Review

Review – Coffee Crisis

The beat-’em-up genre is one of the simplest formulas in gaming. During the early 90’s, following the release of Final Fight in the arcades, the genre exploded and found itself host to all manner of […]

Video Game Review

Review – Never Stop Sneakin’

I have a pretty severe distaste for Metal Gear Solid, but I will readily admit that it is stylish, which is probably a big factor in its lasting popularity. It copied its MSX predecessors’ palette […]

Video Game Review

Review – Fallout 2

I admit it, I’m part of the unwashed filth that was first introduced to the Fallout series with Fallout 3, but since I first dug into that game, it had been my intention to visit […]

Video Game Review

Review – Fallout

Let me be upfront about this: I missed out on a lot of great (so I’ve been told) PC RPG’s from the 90’s and early 2000’s. I’m sure I would have loved games like Planescape: […]