What the heck is this biz?

It’s whatever it wants to be. Right now, it’s primarily just an assorted collection of game reviews by some lady named Zoey Handley (Adzuken), but maybe one day we’ll have different stuff by people who aren’t named Zoey Handley.

So this isn’t actually a complaint department?

Yeah, I realized some people might find the name confusing after I started receiving complaints about refrigerators. We’re just a hobby blog about video games. Also, we’re not affiliated with the GAME chain of stores. It sucks that you couldn’t get a refund, but we don’t deal with that here.

Your review scores are suspiciously low. Is this clickbait?

Our scoring system just works a bit differently than most game sites. Here, anything above a 5 is a recommendation, and the higher you go, the more enthusiastically the author recommends it. Anything below 5 is a recommendation to avoid. If it scores 5/10, the author was ambivalent. So, we’re sorry if a game you enjoyed got a 6/10, but that actually means the author likes it enough to tell their friends to play it. They maybe just don’t think it’s the cat’s pajamas.

Yeah, but everywhere else gave X game a 9/10

It comes down to the writer’s personal opinions and our weird scoring system. We don’t weigh games off of metrics like art, narrative, or sound design, though that may tie into the author’s opinion of it. Our only method for weighing a game is the writer’s feelings on the game, and there’s no accounting for taste.

Are publishers paying you for coverage?

Ha! No. If someone provides me with a key, they’re usually looking for coverage on Destructoid. I always disclose where the copy came from beneath the article in the disclaimer.

There are no ads here. How do you make money?

The short answer is I don’t. My primary source of income is writing for Destructoid, which I use to pay for the hosting here. I hate ads, so while I’ve considered adding a few, I haven’t taken the leap. If you want me to lose less money on the site, or just want to see me write here more, consider contributing to my Ko-fi.

Why don’t you post new stuff as much as you used to?

When I started the Game Complain Department, I was mostly just dabbling with the idea of writing in games media. Somehow, that became a reality, and now I’m a staff writer at Destructoid. They let me write about all the stuff I used to over here, but they pay me to do it. As such, it’s harder for me to come up with content for the Game Complaint Department. However, I still try! You’ll see new stuff show up her sporadically.