Video Games

Review – La-Mulana

You could say that La-Mulana has been something of a white whale for me. Long ago, I purchased the Steam version of the remake and set about trying to conquer it without any outside help; […]

Video Game Review

Review – Hotline Miami

Killing without consequence is something that video games seem to share with action movies. Regardless of how heroic a protagonist is supposed to be, they usually leave a wake of dead bodies. In reality, each […]

Video Game Review

Review – Twisted Metal 2

When speaking of my childhood, I often describe my younger self as a die-hard Nintendo fangirl, but that might be inaccurate. In the days before the weight of reality crushed my childhood, I often spent […]

Video Game Review

Review – Undertale

I purchased Undertale shortly after its initial release way back in 2015, but I never finished it. This is because my initial experience was interrupted when I ended up enduring a period of emotional unrest […]