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Review – Super Dodgeball

I absolutely love the Kunio-Kun series. Over here, we got about 5 titles on the NES, all confusingly branded differently, whereas over in Japan, they got about a dozen, all confusingly branded differently. The unified […]

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Review – Pilotwings

When the Super Nintendo finally landed on Western shores in 1991, it brought with it three games. Super Mario World and F-Zero have gone on to be legends in their own rights, but the third […]

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Review – Earthbound Beginnings

It’s tough to be a fan of Earthbound. The series has been almost aggressively neglected by Nintendo, despite having an incredibly dedicated fanbase. Ask any fan how long they’ve been waiting for an official Mother […]

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Review – Pikmin

Nintendo has maintained a reputation as a company that never releases new properties. The common thought is that they only constantly rehash their staples: Zelda, Mario, and some others that variables that change over time. […]

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Review – Demon’s Crest

Okay, so what the hell is up with the naming scheme for what, in Japan, is just called Makaimura? Sure, Makaimura, doesn’t translate well, coming out as something like “Demon World Village,” but Ghosts ‘N […]

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Review – Super Castlevania IV

I don’t think I’ve really had the chance to hammer home the point that I absolutely love Castlevania, but don’t worry, those days will most likely arrive. Love bloomed late, however, as I never really […]

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Review – Gargoyle’s Quest II

In the twilight years of the NES, Capcom made what are arguably some of the best action platformers of the time. Using lessons learned from their time designing Mega Man, games like Duck Tales and […]