Video Games

Review – Celeste

It dawned on me recently that a lot of the games I played this year didn’t actually come out in 2018. I mean, you can look back through the blog and get a good account […]

Video Game Review

Review – The Messenger

The pixel art style was once rather contentious. Anecdotally, many of the complaints I heard were that it was simply a ploy to try and sucker people who are easily swayed my nostalgia. That may […]

Video Game Review

Review – Spider-man (PS4)

When I was in grade 8, following the removal of my appendix I developed a sudden obsession with Spider-Man. It kicked off a stint of collecting comics, even hitting the convention circuit with my father, […]

Video Game Review

Review – WarioWare Gold

A gentle nudge from a high school buddy sent me to the original WarioWare on the GameBoy Advance. I remember the day I bought it pretty clearly; from picking it up in the mall to […]